What is a consortium sale?

July 1, 2022

Bundy Group has developed an innovative approach for business owners to leverage, the consortium sale, which creates enhanced value in a sale or recapitalization. A consortium sale is combining two or more complementary companies and presenting them together to a highly qualified and attractive group of buyers. On the surface, presenting two or more companies in a sale can appear straightforward and simple. However, a material amount of preparation, communication, and vision, as well as a competitive process, are required of all key parties to execute on the consortium sale.

Clint Bundy and Stewart Carlin, Managing Directors with Bundy Group, discuss the consortium sale approach in this episode of the Bundy Group Insights series.

For more information on this topic, visit Consortium Sale: Strategy for Business Owners to Increase Value.

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  1. What is a consortium sale?
  2. Why tackle a consortium sale?
  3. What's the strategy?
  4. What makes a good buyer?
  5. What's Bundy Group's role?
  6. Pacific case study
  7. Is it right for me?

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